Sara: a tree hugger, animal lover and my sister.

What inspires you?
The science behind the natural world and all the variables to make things work.  The way a tree moves water from the ground to its leaves or how things co-adapt.
Do you like details or the whole picture?

Hmm, that really depends but I guess I’d say I’m about details.
Do you take your time or do you go quickly?

I take my time, people can just deal with it. In less I’m inspired in which case get on board because we gotta GO!
Do you live in your head or are you outside in the world?
In my head! Sometime I could use a vacation from it.
Are you full or is there a hole? How do you fill it?
There is a hole and no matter how much food I give it, I just want more.
What is the face you show the world?
Not the prettiest one. If people understand I have my flaws then they tend to be kinder.
What do you want to do when you grow up?

Be helpful.
Thanks Sara!

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