A New More Focused Photo Project



As you may have noticed I’ve been away from this little blog of mine for a bit over a month now.   I’ve been thinking that maybe I need to end it, because I really haven’t felt much direction.   Then I had an idea!  The idea kind of freaks me out, but  ‘if your dreams don’t freak you out you’re not dreaming big enough’, (or something like that).   I’m going to try my hand at portraits!  I have never fancied myself a portrait photographer, you see I’m rather shy.  I’m not as shy as I once was but it’s still a “FUN” daily struggle and one that I’m told is not allowed and is evil.  (Yes I’m shy just to make people mad, I’m selfish like that…  I had no idea that was the reason, I thought it was more to do with anxiety and over sensitivity, but who knew!)

Anyway I need to push my comfort zone and even though people sort of freak me out I also find them rather fascinating. With that,  I’m taking portraits of people!  At least about them.  The format I’ll be trying will include a questionnaire interview and from that I’ll decide how best to do the portraits, so the people may not even be in the portraits at all or they will be, it just depends on what I’m feeling from the person.  Not your typical portrait maybe but interesting I hope.

That’s the goal for the year.  I’ll be aiming for once a month at least but hopefully more frequent.  The first one will probably be a self-portrait.


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