Elections wig me out.  I become an unrecognizable lunatic.  Around election time I start thinking I maybe bi polar,  I’m full of hope and warm feelings then BOOM! dread and despair, “what if my guy loses, the world will come to an end!!!” *BREATH* My dad tried to help by saying we survived through all types (he was more specific but I’ll leave it at types), but I don’t know, there have been times we barely did and how slow our choses really take effect we may very well not! *BREATH*  I want to be able to be bi-partisan and see all sides and be comforted that we are all intelligent thoughtful people who all want what is best for our country, ourselves, and each other but I’m pretty set in my thoughts and feelings as so many on all sides are.

You know what I think might be a cool way to go about elections in the future?  No? Well I’ll tell you.  What if every person that was registered to vote got a quiz on all the issues and then they could see who comes closed to their views.  Also maybe we wouldn’t even know who’s running or what party they are in til after the quiz.  No political ads and popularity contests just issues and ideas.  Gender, race, religious beliefs and sexual preference of each candidate would not be known til after the quiz.  You would simply be looking at issues and ideas.  This is a fantasy and I’m sure flawed as I have just thought of it and am just ranting but it seems good at the moment.

A thought that is making me hopeful, warm and cozy is that at the next presidential election my best friend’s (the women to on the right in the photo) husband and step son will be voting together for the first time for each them.  Her husband is Italian but is a citizen (not a registered voter but he promised her he will be) and his son will be 18. : )

Now I’m sure you understand why this is a photo blog mainly, a writer I am not but today I just felt like writing, so there you are.  The photo was taken this morning by my friends husband outside our polling place after voting, as you can see.  We look a bit worn out from all the politics.  I think its time for some yoga.  Namaste.



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