What to do?

So as I walked home from work tonight I saw a girl ride past on her bike and noticed that stuff in her bag were on their way out. Sure enough out the papers and folder came and this girl kept on going.  Great!  The thought of losing thing always makes me nerves.  What if it’s really important?  I can image the panic set in whan she finally realizes that she’s lost these papers.  Maybe she will realize that somethings missing soon and come back, but these are papers and we’re in the windy city (it really isn’t windy tonight but still) and their already starting to scatter.   So fine, I pick them up and figure if there is an address I’ll send them to her in the mail. There is an address on some tax forms (I would really be panicking if I lost tax forms in the middle of the street!)  As I’m walking with this sort of biggish pile of papers I start to wonder how much this might be to send in the mail and wonder if this will be like that one time when I lived in Austin, TX and saw that a guy dropped a screw driver and I picked it up and ran after him and then he and some woman got in to a fight and I was standing there looking like a moron holding a  screw driver and then this woman accused me of being one of his little hussies which was when he noticed me and that was my chance to give him his screw driver back and it was all very awkward.  Wouldn’t you know at that moment when I was starting to think that this was a silly thing to do I saw the girl on the corner on her knees looking throw her bag, bike to the side, and I walked up to her and handed her her papers and folder.  She thanked me we had a little laugh, it was only little awkward, but really what a nice moment of serendipity.  What a nice word, serendipity.


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